The Tiger, a poem by William Blake an esteemed poet and artists wrote the poem ‘The Tiger’ in which, I believe, he questions religion and the work around him. Not in a blasphemous way or at all unhealthy or rude manner but in a way where he point clear facts to the reader and asks […]

I thought I might take a crack at a poem that, until yesterday, I hadn’t seen before. The poem, often refered to as ‘I think of thee!’ – The sonnets opening lines, was written by Elizabeth Barrett Browning, whom at the time was just Elizabeth Barrett. Barrett born 1806 was one of the most prominent […]

Eden Rock by Charles Causley seems to be a story about death, remembrance and love. The poem in 5 stanza’s (could argue 6) is a non rhythmic telling of a picnic with the persons parents. The short nature of the poem makes it seemingly hard to analyse however. When you begin to just look at […]

Write a script for a monologue or duologue that would develop the drama from Item block 1 further. This will need to be read and explained within the presentation slot. Item 1: A man must tell his children to pack their bags and flee their home, in fear of spreading his own fear the man […]

The Syrian Civil War (Introduction) March 15th 2011: Protestors march on Damascus calling for democratic reforms and the freeing of political prisoners. March¬†20th 2011: Protests become violent as several political buildings July 29th 2011: Protestors become militarised as the Free Syrian Army is born 8th 2011 – December 9th 2013: There are continuous periods of […]

Lear seems to be saluting as some form of ritual, In the scene setting it describes Lear’s salute as “a gesture of blessing” as if somehow by raising his arm to every soldier that walks past is going to help them win the war and that by doing everything he did as he was when […]

The character of the Foreman plays a seemingly pivotal role in the ¬† scene as our probable protagonist is there to create some tension in the scene. His objection to the death causes a dilemma for his workers. His motive although unclear seems to be fear, all of his actions all lead to the event […]